Meyer’s Mission Statement.

Meyer’s is providing, experienced based, canine education and services to improve the human/canine relationship which gives INSPIRATION to everyone from the pet enthusiast to the pet owner.

Finding a place where people can have peace of mind about the care of their family members is hard.

At the core owners want to be the best pet parents they can be and how to do that may be confusing at times. We provide care for pets through services that are customized to address their individual needs. We weave the way dogs communicate into all we offer at Meyer’s so dogs and owners have an experience and become the hero in their dog’s life . Working at Meyer’s means joining into that vision and embracing the dedication and skill it takes to achieve it.

We really believe in this stuff.

Everyday we get to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Providing inspiration to dog parents who need it. Helping customers learn how to change the course of their relationship with their dogs. Educating the dog owner how to speak “dog”. Making the connection between dog and owner is the goal for us. It’s why we do what we do. Work that changes lives, work that gives inspiration.

We are about 40 strong.

We’re a privately-owned and operated company comprised of about 40 people that make up 6 silos (our version of departments) which makes for a great community while still having that small company feel.

Work on a farm but still have a life.

Yes, it’s like milking cows, they need to be taken care of each day, seven days a week. All the pets need great care but we work darn hard to help you get to do the other things in your life too. Each team member has a set day off each week to plan for life’s happenings and everyone has paid and/or unpaid days off available to use. Life is important, and we want you to have one.

Work in the right silo.

Our goal is to help position each team member in a role that plays to their strengths, that sets them up to shine…to win. Know yourself well enough to know what you do well, and just as importantly, what you don’t.

Win or lose as a crew.

Our team openly works together to create remarkable experiences that positively impacts lives. Everyone on the team is responsible for bringing new ideas, perspectives and solutions to the table. Starting with day one, we want your voice as part of the conversation.

We all get along.

We are leaning in hard and really like working with each other. There are no hot-heads and no work that is beneath anyone. We don’t gossip either. We hand our negatives up and our positives laterally or down.

We’re Hiring Great People Now.

Meyer’s organization is about people and their dogs. It’s about helping people and INSPIRING them to do with and more for their dogs. We are a group of energetic, motivated people who love what we do and are looking for other like-minded, high-quality people to join us. We offer exciting opportunities that will challenge your abilities, expand your skills and reward your contributions. Our Leadership Team is passionate about fostering both personal and professional growth for all. Check out our Instagram page to learn more about life at Meyer’s.