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We’ve trained thousands of dogs over the past 30 years and are in it for the long haul to help you be the best pet parent.

Start the Plan

Learn to speak their language, make a custom plan, a Groundwork Plan for your dog and see them transform before your eyes.


You will receive more instruction and feedback with each lesson to help you be the hero in their life.

Private, One-on-One Training

Lesson Friendly Scheduling

Life gets busy and sometimes it’s hard to make a commitment to a lengthy group class. Learn your dog’s language when you are available and with less hassle.

Customized Plan

We will be covering only the skills you desire from your groundwork plan. Your lessons will be more intensive and comprehensive, custom designed for your individual needs.

Time Saver

We will be able to teach you more in a shorter amount of time, period. Quickly you will be speaking your dog’s language and see your relationship transform before your eyes.



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Private Lesson
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