Initial Consultation & Assessment

We’ve trained thousands of dogs over the past 30 years and are in it for the long haul to help you be the best pet parent.  We’ll discuss your dog’s habits and create a plan to address your dog’s specific developmental needs.

Book Your Stay & Begin Training

During your stay, you dog will be worked daily with on the skills laid out in the plan.  Through a variety of coaching, your dog will learn to respond to commands, learn basic obedience and good manners.

Session Feedback & Owner Training

At the end of your dog’s stay, you’ll get a session with the trainer to get feedback, learn the training commands, and ensure that you have all the skills needed to build an amazing relationship with your dog in the real world. 

What is Boarding School?

Address issues and concerns for your dog

Does your dog suffer with any of these behavior issues?  Excessive barking?  Destructive chewing?  Mouthing or nipping?  Jumping on strangers?  Is the squirrel more important than you?

If you answered yes, it sounds like they could benefit from some training.  But if your busy schedule doesn’t allow for training or training has failed in the past, Boarding School could be the answer.

Customized Plan

Boarding School is a 2-week program that offers you a safe place to get your dog dedicated, one-on-one training where your dog lives with us, so we get to know them really well.

Your dog is safe with us

Are you worried about leaving your dog for 2 weeks?  Don’t be.  At Meyer’s dogs are our passion!  During your dog’s stay, they’ll not only get training, but playtime too.  We even give them a departure bath, so your dog will be spruced up when you return.

Initial Consultation


30 minutes

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Boarding School


2 weeks




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