“Teach them to walk on a loose lead and have a great recall.
You can teach them the world.”

— Kent Meyer. Owner

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What Makes Meyer’s Training So Different?

Things can be frustrating and confusing as to why your dog in behaving the way it is. We get that. We also get how dog’s speak. When you speak your dog’s language they are drawn to you, want to play with you and it brings clarity and eliminates chaos.

We know how hard it is to communicate clearly and learn their language and have helped hundreds of families improve their relationship with their dogs. And when you learn it, your relationship starts to improve, your family and dog are much happier and less stressed.

Meyer’s Tails Up Farm is piloted by owner Kent Meyer, third generation dog breeder of the Meyer family. Along with gaining knowledge from his grandmother Lorraine Meyer, esteemed Boxer breeder and AKC obedience judge, and his Brian and Cindy Meyer for decades Kent, Gwen and several team members have trained with John Rogerson of England and the late Lee Mannix and as such are versatile in canine behavior and understanding how dogs think. Kent has consulted with thousands of dog owners to help them train and improve their relationship. When working with Meyer’s Tails Up Farm, you will:

  1. Work with some of the top trainers in the northern Illinois area
  2. Work in small class sizes or one-on-one to have comprehensive instruction
  3. Receive consistent feedback from us letting you know how you and your dog are progressing towards your goals.

Dogs are drawn to people speaking their language. Finding a place that can teach you to do that where you can trust and have peace of mind is incredibly important. Take a look at the different classes and training options we have to offer you. You have the capability of being an amazing dog owner and your dog is going to thank you for it.

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