Training Vocabulary

Training Vocabulary Words

Come- Use dogs name first, then give the command

Settle –Use when you want the dog to stand at your feet, he may move slightly around, this is not the DOWN command

Off – Get off me, get off of the couch, get off of the countertop, get off of the bed…. This is NOT a Down command.

Sit – Stop what you are doing and put your butt on the floor.

Down­-Dog has all four feet out from under him, can be laying on his side, or in the sphinx position. Dog should not move until you have given the release words OK or FREE.

No – Use this for emergency only

OK or FREE –This is your release word; this word allows dog to stop what exercise he is doing and move on to something else.   

Remember to try to use only one command

You should say the dog’s name, give the command one time, if no response him/her. Don’t keep repeating sit, sit, sit, sit…

Note to remember:

Don’t use the dogs name for stationary commands like sit and down.

Do use his name for moving commands like heel, let’s go or come.