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Does your pup have a habit of jumping on visitors when they come over? It can be an embarrassing moment for many dog owners, but luckily it’s a problem that is easily solvable! 

At Meyer’s Tails Up Farm, we understand the importance of having well-behaved dogs and are here to help you train your pup to stop jumping on people when they come in. Read on to learn our top five tips to get your dog to stop jumping on visitors! 

  1. Keep Them Occupied. Give your pup a chew toy or Kong filled with treats or peanut butter when someone enters the house. That way, your dog will focus on their toy instead of jumping over your guest. Make sure the toy is durable and safe for them to chew on so that you don’t have to worry about them swallowing any pieces. 
  2. Establish Boundaries. If you want your pup to stay off the furniture, establish this rule clearly so there is no confusion. For example, you can say “off” whenever your dog jumps onto the couch or bed. The same goes for not jumping on guests – be consistent and firm in letting them know it’s not allowed. 
  3. Rewards System. Give your pup rewards when they do something good, like sitting calmly at the door instead of jumping up on visitors! Positive reinforcement will help shape their behavior over time and encourage them to repeat desired behaviors more often than undesired ones. 
  4. Exercise & Mental Stimulation. Dogs who are bored and have excess energy can become more likely to jump since they need an outlet for their energy. Ensure you provide enough exercise and mental stimulation through activities like walks, fetch, agility courses, etc., so that they don’t act out their energy in unwanted ways, such as jumping up on guests when they enter the house.  
  5. Greeting Rituals. Have a specific greeting ritual with your pup where you shake hands or give them a treat every time someone comes into the house instead of allowing them to jump up on people without warning. This way, they will associate positive behavior with people coming into the home rather than feeling excited and wanting to jump all over everyone.

With just a bit of patience and practice, any dog owner can get their furry friend to stop jumping up on visitors when they come into the house! At Meyer’s Tails Up Farm, we specialize in training dogs and would love to help you teach your pup some basic manners! Contact us at 815.547.5778 today if you need any additional advice or assistance with training sessions! 

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