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Classic Lodging

Outpost Suites

The Bunkhouse

Size 54 sq ft 149 sq ft 100 sq ft
Discount Rate Up to 10% Up to 10% Up to 10%
Sound Level Lively Serene & Quiet Peaceful
In Room TV      
Raised Bed      
Custom Log Bed      
Lambskin bedding      
Soft Music      
Climate Controlled      
Live-in on-site caretakers      
Fresh water at all times      
Daily health check      
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Spoiled Rotten

Party Dog

Fun and Frolic

Fun Time

Detail Fully Engaged! Fun & Love Moderate Low
Private Caretaker        
Per Day Txt & Photo        
Massage & Brushing        
Twilight Walk        
Yogurt Treat        
Backwoods Buddy        
Per Stay Text & Photo        
Trailblazer Nature Walk        
Nightly Tuck In        
Departure Bath        
Nail Trim        
No Peak Rates        
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