Create a Groundwork Plan with Meyer’s. Clarify your dog’s needs, grow the relationship and, in turn, their wellness.

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Very much like when a dog goes to ground, we’re going to get into the “dirt”, the nitty gritty of what you need and what your dog needs and help you grow the relationship.


You will be receiving feedback from us how your dog is improving and you will see how you are becoming your dog’s hero, creating the best life for them.
Are you asking yourself these questions?
If you are confused about your dog’s needs — or, you aren’t speaking their language — your hope of providing them with a healthy and long life will fail.

“Am I doing the best
for my pet?”

“Why doesn’t my dog
listen to me?”

“Why is my
dog stressed?”

Overcome all of these obstacles and more when you
start your Groundwork Plan.

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How much is frustration costing you?

How much quality time with your pet are you missing out on?



The Groundwork Plan has been created by Kent and Gwen Meyer, owners of Meyer’s. Combined, Kent and Gwen have over 60 years of experience in caring for, training and grooming dog from around the world. They’ve consulted with hundreds of owners to help them speak their dog’s language. Kent and Gwen teach at their two locations in Illinois in which thousands of pet owners have improved their knowledge to create a better relationship, be their dog’s hero and have happy and healthier pets. You can learn more about the Meyer’s Tails Up Farm HERE.