“The behavioral experience in this safe dog daycare is one of the best I’ve seen.”

– Lee Mannix, world-renown canine behaviorist

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It’s More Than Sniffing, Barking and Rollin’ Around

Our intention with Doggy Daycare is to help each dog become a self-confident, well-rounded member of the family and the larger human and dog community, too. We achieve this aim through continuous training in:

  • human-to-dog relationships, which includes educating owners on how to help their dogs become enjoyable family members; and
  • dog-to-dog relationships with appropriate play in and outside daycare.

Out in the community, your dog is our calling card. We want to make a good impression.

What Makes Meyer’s Daycare so Different?

When it comes to doing what’s right for your dog’s well-being at its stage of life it’s sometimes hard to do that with our busy lives or meet the demands they need to have a well-rounded day. We help meet those needs in an enriching environment that will provide play, learning and activities so at the end of the day their energy level matches yours.

With so much information and things that dogs should be exposed to in order to have a well-rounded life, it’s hard to get it all in. When we along with their owners can set a plan for each dog at daycare, it is amazing how it transforms their life and the relationship they have together.

Meyer’s has been successfully offering the Doggie Daycare concept for 20 years with continuing education from top world-renown canine behaviorists. Our daycare staff alone has over 100 years of training experience combined and has been voted the #1 Dog Daycare for 3 years running. The concepts Kent and Gwen have developed not only made the dogs at Meyer’s shine but at other daycares across the country. Hundreds of dogs’ lives have benefited and been enriched by attending Meyer’s Dog Daycare.

“Both Maggie and I think of Meyer’s Daycare as a valued part of our days.
Meyer’s is family for Maggie while I am away at work.
Your staff is outstanding!”
Sharon, 6 Year Daycare Parent

What’s the Cost?

How much was the damage to the couch? What if your dog is bored at home looking at the same 4 walls? What if your dog isn’t getting enough exercise and mental stimulation? Some of these challenges could be in the way of you being your dog’s hero.

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