Improve cardiac

Exercise the heart muscle to have better circulation throughout the body

Promote full
range of motion

Work muscles, tendons and ligaments not normally used in any other form of exercise

Fun with
huge results

You’ll have a healthier dog while doing something really fun!

“Our twelve-year-old lab had surgery for herniated discs. During the recovery process, he had limited use of his rear hips and legs. We were so grateful to learn that Meyer’s had swim therapy. His legs have gotten stronger and he now maneuvers around our house on his own. It is truly a blessing that Meyer’s has been able to play an important role in his senior years.”
Brenda, mom of Buckshot the Labrador

What Makes Meyer’s Canine Aquatics so different?

We want our dog to be in great condition and have fun. If your dog needs recovery from surgery or an injury it can be stressful and frustrating finding therapy for them. We get that. That’s why we offer Canine Aquatics at the farm. With Kent and Gwen being heavily involved in dog sports they saw a real need to offer swim in the greater Rockford area. Swim therapy is only one aspect of a complete program but an important one. Our canine aquatics program is an optimum, low-impact form of exercise designed to keep your dog in top physical condition or return your dog to full health and activity. Research has shown that carefully monitored exercise after surgery can increase flexibility, reduce muscle atrophy and enhance overall healing. In addition, older dogs may find relief from aching and stiffness by participating in our canine aquatics program. By taking advantage of both water buoyancy and resistance, the benefits of our aquatics program include:

  • improved cardiac function
  • expanded flexibility
  • enhanced muscle tone
  • promotion of full range of motion
  • increased endurance, and
  • weight control.

Meyer’s Tails Up Farm is piloted by owner Kent Meyer, third generation dog breeder of the Meyer family. Over the past years Kent and Gwen have had the privilege of showing some of the US’s top show dogs and repeatedly winning top awards at national specialties and the Westminster Dog Show. Keeping these athletes in top condition and understanding structure and movement are crucial.

When working with Meyer’s Tails Up Farm, you will:

Have time with the Meyer’s team to really share your desires for your dog’s swim program and start a relationship with you and ultimately your dog. We’re going to get down to the nitty gritty of what your dog needs and what you need.

Make a custom plan for your dog that makes it the best program for them. You are going to see this all come into play as your dog’s physical condition improves.

Receive quick feedback from us letting you know how your dog did with the swim plan progress that was made for your dog, getting the custom attention it deserves.

Dogs feel better when their bodies are healthy. So finding a place that can teach you to do that where you can trust, have peace of mind and your needs are met is incredibly important. Come for a tour at Meyer’s Tails Up Farm and spend a little time with us and be sure to see the pool and all it has to offer your dog. We’ll help you become an amazing dog owner and you’ll be glad you came.

For the safety of our swimmers, we’ll need to have a consent form signed off by your vet.  You can find the form here  Vet consent

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